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Revolutionizing recruitment and staffing as a minority-owned firm, we offer the chance to hire individual professionals or assemble a customized team.

Culture of agile development of software, systems, applications and digital platforms. Efficient deliveries and constant communication between the team.

Why Hire an Outsourcing Team?

We dedicate ourselves to offering resources that contribute to both the professional and personal growth of our employees. Our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are key in fostering collaborative opportunities among employees with shared interests, ensuring everyone feels supported and included.

Our Workforce Solutions

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development logoDevelopment

We develop mobile applications, web apps, systems, professional hosting and any other type of customized and technological solution using agile methodologies.

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design logoDesign

Using the Design Thinking methodology, our team strategically design flows and prototypes of any type of interface with focus on Branding, User Experience (UX) and Usability.

More than Just a Team

Our team is equipped to perform in every phase of a project, operating globally with our effective remote management.

We comprise product and project managers, developers, designers, testers, and a mix of senior and intermediate professionals, tailored to your project's specific needs.

Backend Devs

Full Stack Devs

Frontend Devs

Web Developers

Graphic Designers

UX/UI Designers



Project Managers

Scrum Masters

Product Managers


Tools and Methodologies We Use

Design Thinking and Prototyping

We use Adobe Cloud tools to build prototypes of the interfaces and validate the elaborated strategies and usability of the project, eliminating errors in the navigation flow and improving the user experience.

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SCRUM Agile Management

We have the expertise to use the best technologies on the market today to develop a project, adapting to each need and ensuring the quality and reliability of the final result.

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Our team is in constant communication with those responsible for the project. Meetings are held weekly to align the status and tasks each stage using modern communication and management tools.

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We thrive on the diversity of coding languages to unlock endless possibilities in web development. From the versatility of Python to the efficiency of JavaScript and the robustness of PHP, our team is fluent in a myriad of languages.

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Our Integrations

Your website becomes a cohesive hub, seamlessly linked to the platforms that matter most. Elevate your online presence with Pride Innovations – where connectivity meets simplicity.

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Organizational Culture and Adaptability

Our multicultural and diverse country shapes our organizational culture, emphasizing adaptability to various cultures and effortless communication with any nationality.

We are agile, deeply committed to our projects, and enthusiastic about collaborating in diverse areas of innovation.

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